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The path we follow through our lives sometimes takes us up steep hills, through dark places and over bumpy ground. Walking the path is just part of life's routine. However, roadblocks and detours can sidetrack us sending us into places we don't want, don't understand and don't want to stay. Our life path can throw us obstacles that leave us uncertain about what to do and how to get on with our journey. Help is available. People, organizations and groups can provide guidance to overcome obstacles. Here are articles and links that may provide guidance about the issues causing distress.

Langley Community Services Society

The following programs strengthen families and promote well-being through child development, play-based learning, early literacy, parent education and support, information, referral, connection to childcare and other community resources, and encouragement of healthy lifestyles in families, individuals, and youth from birth to 14 years of age. Services Include: Groups, outreach, Family Place Drop-Ins,...

Ishtar Transition House

The Ishtar Transition houses provide safe temporary shelter to women and their children who are victims of spouse/partner abuse. Both houses are staffed 24 hours, residents are provided with emotional support and personal counseling. Services are provided free to women and children. Location of the houses is...