Home Church Langley

Ross Dewar

I was baptized as an infant in New Westminister at the Olivet Baptist Church. I was married at the St. James Anglican Church in Port-aux-Basques, Newfoundland. Except for attending weddings or funerals, I rarely saw the inside of a church and like a lot of people even though I was blessed with health, a family, a living and a good quality of life, I took the Lord for granted.Until I became a grandfather I did not reflect back and appreciate all what God has done for me.

I found a church right in my own neighborhood where I feel inspired by Pastor Jim's sermons; I feel inspired by the songs the band plays and I feel inspired by the people of Home Church simply being here each Sunday. This is the 1st anniversary of my attending Home Church Langley. I read an invitation to come to HCL in my mailbox and I knew there was a church at Nicomekl School because I was a mentor there for a young lad; a father-figure through Big Brothers of Langley.

The 1st day I came here - it was outdoors, like a picnic in the park. I met a lady greeter and I asked if the Minister was here. She pointed out a tall man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a straw hat and I thought to myself, "this guy is alright." The next week I did not go to church, but I felt I missed something. The following Sunday I did return and the announcer acknowledged me during the morning announcements, which I thought was very nice.

Except for being sick or a special commitment, I have attended HCL regularly. I have attended small group meetings including "Man in the Mirror" and also "Top Gun" a men's ministry. I try to read the Bible every day, worship the Lord and be a proper responsible man.

I am 63 years old and my journey with God has only just begun. I look forward to Jesus Christ being with me for many years to come. Thank you and God bless all of you.