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Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool

  1. There are a total of 110 statements below. Indicate whether you Strongly Agree, Agree Somewhat, are Undecided, Disagree Somewhat or Completely Disagree with each question.
  2. Click the "Calculate" button at the end of this document.
  3. Your scores will automatically be calculated. Each gift will have a score between ZERO and TWENTY.
  4. Higher scores indicate your more dominant gifts.
  5. Use the List of Gifts For further study.
  1. People seem to be willing to follow my leadership without much resistance.
  2. I like to proclaim God's Word to fellow Christians.
  3. It is a joy for me to proclaim God's plan of salvation to unchurched people.
  4. It is enjoyable to have the responsibility of leading other people in their spiritual life.
  5. I'm excited in helping people to discover important truths in the scriptures.
  6. I have special joy singing praises to God either alone or with other people.
  7. It is enjoyable to motivate people to a higher spiritual commitment.
  8. People with spiritual problems seem to come to me for advice and counsel.
  9. I recevied excellent grades in school.
  10. There is great joy in doing little jobs around the church.
  11. I look for opportunities to assist people in their work.
  12. There is great joy in leading people to accomplish group goals.
  13. I like to organize people for more effective ministry.
  14. There is great satisfaction in giving large amounts of money for the Lord's work.
  15. I feel great compassion for the problems of others.
  16. It seems easy to percieve whether a person is honest or dishonest.
  17. I am ready to try the impossible because I have a great trust in God.
  18. There is great joy in having people in my home.
  19. I find that the repair and maintenance of things in my environment come easily to me.
  20. I seem to recognize prayer needs before others.
  21. I enjoy the opportunity to pray with and for a person who is physically ill that they may be made well.
  22. I adapt easily in a culture different from mine.
  23. I feel a sense of authority in my relationship to the group.
  24. I like to proclaim the Word of God to comfort others.
  25. I seem able to determine when the Spirit has prepared a person to received Jesus Christ.
  26. It is exciting to provide spiritual leadership for a congregation.
  27. Teaching a Bible Class is one of the most enjoyable things I do (or could do) in the Church.
  28. God has given me the ability to play a musical instrument and I enjoy it.
  29. It is a joy to give encouragement to people who are discouraged.
  30. I enjoy providing solutions to difficult problems in life.
  31. It seems easy to learn difficult truths.
  32. I enjoy doing routine tasks for the glory of God.
  33. I enjoy helping with the emergency tasks around the Church.
  34. People seem to enjoy following me in doing an important task.
  35. There is joy in making important decisions.
  36. I find real joy in giving a generous portion of my money to the Lord.
  37. Visiting people in retirement homes gives me a great satisfaction.
  38. I seem to know very quickly whether something is right or wrong.
  39. When things seem impossible, I'm ready to move forward.
  40. I do not feel uncomfortable when people drop in unexpectedly.
  41. I have enjoyed creating various kinds of arts and/or crafts.
  42. Prayer is one of my favorite spiritual exercises.
  43. I have prayed for an emotionally ill person and seen the person get better.
  44. It is easy for me to move into a new community and make friends.
  45. I have little fear in leading people where God wants them to go.
  46. I enjoy relating and sharing God's Word to the issues of the day.
  47. I feel a burden to share the Gospel with people.
  48. I like to assist people with their spiritual problems.
  49. It seems that people learn when I teach them.
  50. I have enjoyed being involved with Church, school and/or local musical productions.
  51. I like to encourage inactive church members to become involved Christians again.
  52. It seems that people generally follow my advice.
  53. I am able to understand difficult portions of God's word.
  54. I receive great satisfaction in doing small or trivial tasks in church.
  55. I desire to do the tasks which will free others for important ministry.
  56. It is more effective to delegate a task to someone else rather than to do it myself.
  57. I enjoy the responsibility for the achievement of group goals.
  58. I appreciate the opportunity to financially support a critical situation.
  59. I sense joy in comforting people in difficult situations.
  60. The difference between truth and error is easily perceived by me.
  61. I am often ready to believe God will lead us through a situation when others feel it is impossible.
  62. People seem to feel very comfortable in my home.
  63. I like to create things with my hands.
  64. God consistently answers my prayers in tangible ways.
  65. I have visited a person who was sick, prayed that God would make them physically whole, and the person got better.
  66. I am able to relate well to Christians of different locations or cultures.
  67. I appreciate the opportunity to proclaim God's word to others.
  68. It is important for me to speak God's Word of warning and judgment in the world today.
  69. It is a joy to share what Jesus means to me with an unchurched neighbor.
  70. People like to bring their troubles & concerns to me because they feel I care.
  71. One of the joys of my ministry is training people to be more effective Christians.
  72. I feel secure in the fact that my musical ability will be of benefit to other people with whom I come in contact.
  73. People who are feeling perplexed often come to me for encouragement and comfort.
  74. I feel that I have a special insight in selecting the best alternative in a difficult situation.
  75. I have a clear understanding of Biblical doctrines (reachings).
  76. I find more satisfaction in doing a job than finding someone else to do it.
  77. I appreciate a ministry of helping other peoples to bear their burdens.
  78. It is a thrill to inspire others to greater involvement in church work.
  79. The development of effective plans for church ministry gives me great satisfaction.
  80. It is a joy to see how much money I can give to the Lord.
  81. I enjoy ministering to a person who is sick in the hospital.
  82. I can judge well between the truthfulness and error of a given theological statement.
  83. People seem to view me as one who believes everything is possible.
  84. When missionaries come to our church I (would) like to have them come to my home.
  85. I see that the results of my working with various objects in God's creation help to improve and beautify that which other people have not seen nor developed.
  86. I faithfully pray for others recognizing that their effectiveness and total well-being depends on God's answer to prayers.
  87. I like to participate in ministry to the physically or emontionally ill and pray for their recovery.
  88. The thought of beginning a new church in a new community is exciting to me.
  89. I enjoy training workers in the congregation.
  90. In a Bible class it seems essential to share God's word even if it irrates others.
  91. I feel a deep concern for the unreached people in my community.
  92. I Enjoy a close relationship with people in a one to one situation.
  93. It is easy to organize materials for teaching a Bible class.
  94. Leading others in singing songs of praise to God or for pure enjoyment is personally satisfying.
  95. I would rather call on a delinquent family in my Church than an unchurched family.
  96. I have a strong sense of confidence in my solutions to problems.
  97. It is an exciting challenge to read and study a difficult book of the Bible.
  98. I like to do things without attracting much attention.
  99. If a family is facing a serious crisis, I enjoy the opportunity to help them.
  100. There is great satisfaction in having others follow me in performing a task.
  101. I would rather make decisions for the group than persuade them to reach the same decision.
  102. I can give sacrificially because because I know that God will meet my needs.
  103. It is a special satisfaction to visit people who are confined to their homes.
  104. I often seek the motives of a person and look beneath the words.
  105. When people are discouraged I enjoy giving them a positive vision.
  106. People seem to enjoy coming to my house.
  107. There is pleasure in drawing, designing and/or painting various objects.
  108. I find myself praying when I possibly should be doing other things.
  109. I feel strongly that my prayers for a sick person effect wholeness for that person.
  110. More than most, I have a strong desire to see all people of other communities and countries won to the Lord.